Loctite – Company Introduction

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Loctite – Company Introduction

Loctite- An overview

Established in 1963, Loctite is an American brand that manufactures & deals in sealants, surface treatments, adhesives. This is a German-owned brand which has a lot of verities of its surface treatment category including- acrylic, epoxy, silicone, hot melt, anaerobic and much more. These all are prepared with UV/light curing technology for better performance.

Started from Germany, at present, Loctite is delivering its products all over the world and its products like- Loctite 272 is quite renowned for effective and promised results.

History of Loctite-

In 1953, an American professor- Vernon K. Krieble invented anaerobic thread locking adhesives. This experiment took place in the basement laboratory of the Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Initially, Krieble named it- ‘American Sealants Company’ and later in 1963, it changed into Loctite. The name ‘Loctite’ was recommended by his (Krieble’s) daughter-in-law.

Even the new name for the business was announced by her in a public conference which held in University Club of New York on 26th July 1963.

Krieble died in 1964, after which his son Robert H. Krieble took over the business and continued further as the Chief Executive of Loctite Corporation. By profession, he (Robert) was also a chemist which helped him understand the business pretty well within the short span of time.

In the same year, Loctite produced a cyanoacrylate adhesive. This product was initially recognized as a repacked Eastman product and later named as ‘super glue.’ With the success of ‘super glue,’ Robert came up with a series of such products among which product like- Loctite 272 is still high in demand for both domestic and industrial uses.
Just to come up with improvised products, now Loctite has started manufacturing its products with sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. And eventually, this has given a great rise to Loctite range of products.

Loctite range of products include-

1. Solder pastes
2. Threadlockers
3. Surface preparation products for instance- cleaners
4. Medical application solutions and products including- curing systems, dispensing equipment and much more.
5. Bonding adhesives like hot melts
6. Protective and reliable coatings for industrial uses
7. Lubricating products
8. Flooring products
9. Restoring solutions
10. Non-threaded cylindrical assemblies

Loctite Parent Company-

Loctite- A brand that doesn’t need any recognition has been serving premium quality adhesive products from past 50 years. Having more than 5,000 patents, Loctite has made its own identity in this industry.

The easy-to-use applications are some genuine reasons why Loctite has become a world-widely recognized brand. And to take its success to another level, Loctite is registered under the trademark of Henkel which is again one of the highly preferred global brands.

Henkel has been catering from past 130 years as is a Fortunate Global 500 company which is renowned from simplifying your lives since ages. At present, Henkel has been offering quality solutions to more than 125 countries. Their range of products includes- personal care, home care, and adhesive technology products. With the precious association of Henkel, Loctite has braced up its manufacturing and retailing process.